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Create your own terms
and stay anonymous

Creating my own terms gives me confidence against every B2B provider when I request a service. And best of all, this site conceals all my contact info until providers agree with my terms first.

Victor Barsky - Internal Medicine MD

Manage and utilize
untimely solicitations

A designated QR sticker is an extremely useful feature especially since uninterrupted customer service is is a “must” for my customers during store hours.

Maya Cioffi - Hipster Coffee Shop Owner

Take complete control
on every business deal

A few minutes in my office without sales people allows me to analyze every deal. I simply enjoy unrushed & pressure free decisions on every sales offer that I consider for my business.

Daniel Wykoff - Tapas Restaurant Owner


Bridge Basis is a B2B sales communication platform that helps businesses to start and build communication between each other. We simply help all users to eliminate hurtles that get in the way for solid, efficient sales relationships.
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Why Was Bridge Basis Created?


Our Story of Who we are


What Do We Do?


How Does It Function?

Users’ Role in Bridge Basis


The importance and strength of clients can be viewed as “they are the source of B2B Providers existence” Clients bring us challenges where providers can chase them as they are chances to establish value which we can review this practice as “business ...

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Providers are seen as a source of communication power between sales consultant and clients. When establishing business relations, providers are mostly in charge of information, resources, technology, knowledge and a host of others requires moving rel...

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Sales Consultants

Sales Consultants are seen as the face of the company they are representing. They also hold a crucial role between providers and clients. They check for two important steps before engaging in a business relationship with clients.These are: Pinpoin...

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Bridge Basis

Since the very initial concept of establishing the system, we majorly placed emphasis on application and examination of general B2B consumer behavior and how it affects business relationships when pinpointing the needs of the market.On markets like t...

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we build too many walls and not enough bridge